We advocate best practice in the sustainable development and management of new and evolving buildings and spaces while preserving the best of what we have inherited from the past. We encourage planners and developers to create built environments – buildings, streets, waterways, spaces (e.g. parks, squares, neighbourhoods) – in which we and future generations will want to live.

Our work focuses on:

  • influencing planning processes and strategic plans;
  • scrutinising and commenting on planning applications both large and small;
  • securing and preserving features of historic or public interest.

Our article “How to Comment on Planning Applications” is a useful and thorough guide for anyone who wants to comment on – or object to – a planning application.

We also encourage and support local communities in Oxford who are developing Neighbourhood Plans.

For our comments on recent local planning applications please see under ‘Local applications‘ in the drop-down menu. These comments are submitted to Oxford City Council by our Planning Group: Gillian Argyle, Elise Benjamin, Clive Booth, Gillian Coates, John Goddard, Richard Haywood, Eleanor Howard, Neil MacLennan, Sue Stewart, Peter Thompson and Tim Treacher.

For other developments our most recent articles and comments are below with more in the drop-down menu under ‘Large developments‘.

You can download a two-sided A4 description of the Planning Group here.