The Society is a Registered Charity (No 1116739) founded in 1969. We have about 600 members – Individuals, Corporate Members and Residents Associations. As a voluntary organisation we depend on the enthusiasm of our members which stems from the pleasure and satisfaction they derive from participating. Our activities are fun as well as fulfilling!

Our activities are managed by the Executive Committee which operates under our Constitution. You can see our latest Annual Review here, and find those for earlier years on the Newsletters page.

We are largely funded by membership fees and modest charges for some of our events. We also apply for grants for specific activities. We do not solicit donations either through street collections or direct appeals to the public.


Honorary Officers

  • President:
    Sir Tim Stevenson
  • Vice-President:
    Margaret Maden
  • Vice-President:
  • Vice-President:
    Richard Venables
  • Vice-President:
    Imam Monawar Hussain
  • Chairman:
    Ian Green
  • Vice-Chairman:
    Gillian Coates
  • Treasurer:
    Richard Dodd
  • Secretary:
    Vernon Porter

Elected Members of the Executive Committee

  • Chris Church
  • Nigel Fulford
  • Liz Grosvenor
  • Sarah Hendriks
  • Penelope Lenon
  • Thelma Martin
  • Louise Thomas

Convenors of Working Groups and Initiatives

  • Planning
  • Gillian Coates
  • Programme
  • Ian Salusbury
  • Transport
  • Andrew Pritchard, Juliet Blackburn
  • Housing Policy
  • Peter Thompson
  • Oxfordshire Futures
  • Ian Green
  • Communications & Editor of Visions
  • Hilary Bradley
  • OxClean
  • Rosanne Bostock & Ingrid Lunt