Streets for People


Oxford Streets for People is an initiative dedicated to making Oxford’s streets friendlier, more pleasant and safer. We believe that our streets are valuable social spaces for all to use and enjoy. They are not only spaces for travelling along (whether by foot, cycle, bus or car), but more importantly for playing in and for interacting with neighbours. We encourage everyone to enjoy their street in this way.

For more information on any of these topics please contact Richard Bradley.

Street Parties


We promote and support street parties as an excellent way of getting to know the neighbours and bringing communities together. Oxford City Council’s website tells you what is involved, and how, where and when to apply for the permissions you will need. Our own information leaflet has more information and useful contacts including The Street Party Site.

Street Scene

We encourage people to make permanent improvements to their street to make it a friendlier, more pleasant and safer place to be.

‘Playing Out’


We support ‘Playing Out’ – an information and advice charity which aims to promote and encourage a return to street play through resident-led, safe direct action.