22/01151/FUL and 22/01152/ADV

Land Fronting 101 London Road Headington Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 9AE

21 June 2022

Installation of 1no. new BT Street Hub, incorporating 2no. digital display screens. Removal of 2no. associated BT kiosks.
Display of 1no internally illuminated Street Hub unit incorporating 2no. internally illuminated digital screens.

Oxford Civic Society is opposed to this and similar applications for the installation of BT street hubs because the harm in terms of street clutter is greater than the public benefit, and because the need for such installations has not been demonstrated. Younger people do not need it and the older generation will not understand it. Its main function appears to be as an advertising site, not least for BT products. It is very much “in your face” in the already cluttered street scene on the busy streets where it and similar hubs would be installed.