• How can we ensure good growth in Oxfordshire?

    We organised four debates about the future of Oxfordshire

    2 June 2021

    This article is for the record, describing the four free debates on development planning and management in Oxfordshire organised by Oxford Civic Society in May 2021. We all know that Oxfordshire is a wonderful place: beautiful countryside, magnificent buildings, a thriving economy and a reputation for innovation. Who wasn’t proud that the AstraZeneca vaccine against…

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  • Should Oxfordshire Grow? – the Proposed Expressway

    A public debate in Oxford Town Hall,17th June 2019

    18 June 2019

    Chaired by Sir Clive Booth, the main speakers were Councillor Ian Hudspeth, Conservative leader of the County Council, and Professor Danny Dorling. This Civic Society debate was overwhelmingly against the proposed Expressway.

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  • The Battle for the Green Belt

    The first of three debates celebrating 50 years of OCS

    18 April 2019

    In a crowded Town Hall Assembly Room on Thursday, the first of three debates organised by the Oxford Civic Society took place. To mark the Society’s 50th anniversary, key topics of concern to Oxford’s residents and workers are being debated with much audience participation. In this first debate, the subject was Oxford’s Green Belt: positive or negative? Speakers Bob Price, recent Leader of Oxford City Council, and Mike Tyce of the Campaign to Protect Rural England crossed swords with strong argument and information.

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