Oxford Zero Emission Zone

Our comments on the City's consultation paper

27 November 2017

air pollution
Photo: Oxford University

Oxford City Council has published proposals for introducing a Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) in the city centre; Oxford Civic Society has submitted a response. This is a summary; you can read the full text of our comments here.

  • We strongly believe more research is needed into how and why people travel in and into Oxford so that the social and environmental effects of the proposed Zero Emission Zone can be assessed.
  • We think the timescale of any changes needs very careful re-consideration taking account of the social, cultural and commercial life of the city.
  • There needs to be a coordinated strategy to improve air quality as well as congestion. A ZEZ is just one part of such a strategy.
  • Other aspects need to be considered, such as how the introduction of a ZEZ will affect business viability. This needs more detailed analysis and, if necessary, fine tuning of zone boundaries.
  • We believe that the dates for progressive implementation of the ZEZ should be kept under review. The aim should be to avoid unnecessary regulation but at the same time gain maximum benefit from air quality improvements.