Oxford Futures – Achieving Smarter Growth

Launching a major report on planning the future of central Oxfordshire

1 April 2014

Oxford Futures report coverOn 31 March 2014 we launched a major report “Oxford Futures – Achieving Smarter Growth in Central Oxfordshire”. It argues that Central Oxfordshire is going to grow. It can grow smartly and we can all benefit. Or it can muddle its way through and lose out to better organised places. It says the only way to solve the problems arising from these growth pressures and bring about a prosperous future for the region is for all the different agencies to work together. This needs visionary leadership from the leaders of our communities, businesses and universities. The report calls on them to work together to achieve smarter growth.

To see more and to download the report (or buy a printed version) see the Oxford Futures website and blog. An edited video (just under 8 minutes) of the meeting which launched the Oxford Futures report is available to view on YouTube. See youtu.be/MNme6qu3WOM