Consultations and Analyses

OCS's long-form responses and analysis of recent major issues

2 September 2022

2022 has already been a very busy year for the Society’s working groups who analyse and comment on plans and proposals coming from both City and County Councils. As well as the routine examination of small-scale developments there has been a flurry of consultations on major issues which will affect Oxford and Oxfordshire for many years.

We cannot always prepare short and simple summaries of this work; it is often a case of working through the consultation documents and responding paragraph by paragraph. We also often find that when consultations invite responses through online questionnaires they do not give us the chance to make what we consider to be important points which are not covered in the restricted format. In these cases we usually submit a written response in addition to answering the online questionnaire.

To help everyone interested in the Society’s views on these important issues we have listed here all the long-form documents we have prepared and submitted or circulated so far this year. They are ordered newest-to-oldest.

If you have any comments on any of these papers please leave a comment at the foot of this page, or email

OCS Response to Oxford Local Plan 2040 Preferred Options Consultation

Traffic filters consultation 2022 – OCS response

Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan (COTP) – OCS response

Response to West End and Osney Mead SPD

Oxfordshire 2050 – Linking Oxfordshire’s development policies and strategies

Response to Central Conservation Area consultation

Response to Parks and Green Spaces consultation

Response to LTCP consultation (Local Transport and Connectivity Plan)

Response to Oxford Economic Strategy