Broad Street markets block cycle route

Should the markets be moved to preserve the E-W cycle route?

23 November 2018

Our Transport Group Co-convenor Juliet Blackburn would like to see a bypass cycle lane on one side of the Christmas market in Broad Street. Here she gives her personal reasons why; if you agree – or disagree – please help the discussion by leaving a comment. Juliet is running a petition about this onĀ

“The East-West route for cyclists through Broad Street is one of the most important in the City Centre; it is very damaging when it is closed for various temporary markets. The longest market closure is for the three weeks of the Christmas market. I would like to see a bypass cycle lane on one side of the market, but I have asked the organisers and they say this is not possible.

If it really is impossible to keep a cycle route through Broad Street when the markets are on, I believe that they should be re-located to Cornmarket, which is pedestrian-only during the day-time, or to the new Westgate where there is plenty of space. Neither of these alternatives would disrupt cyclists.

It is unclear whether these temporary markets actually help or hinder the Covered Market, which is under pressure now. Certainly some of the Covered Market traders believe that these temporary markets are damaging their trade.