21/01388/FUL COMM

Land At Court Place Gardens Oxford OX4 4EW

2 November 2021

Demolition of 36 existing residential dwelling and erection of 71 dwellings including associated earthworks, hard and soft landscaping, bin storage and cycle and car parking. 
Oxford Civic Society fully endorse the objections raised by the BBOWT namely:
1. Potential hydrological impact on irreplaceable lowland fen habitat and on Rivermead Nature Park Oxford City Wildlife Site (water quality and water quantity – both total, and in terms of temporal distribution/flow rate)
2. Direct impact on woodland habitat mapped as UK priority habitat, and potentially direct impact on Rivermead Nature Park Oxford City Wildlife Site
We would add that it also appears there might be a problem at the NE corner of the site where more housing is proposed close to existing housing in Iffley village.