21 Warnborough Road Oxford OX2 6JA

6 June 2021

Installation of iron railings to boundary wall.

We applaud the intentions of the applicants in attempting to enhance the Victorian character of the property and streetscape, but we question whether this will be achieved since the proposed railings will span only half the length of the existing brick dwarf wall which extends across both halves of this semi-detached property. Please see attached photograph below. The railings are also not terminated at either end, for example by piers, or gates, which exacerbates the ‘planted on’ effect and apparent rather purposelessness. The authenticity of the application is also compromised by the fabrication of the railings in mild steel, rather than being cast in iron; likewise, the absence of fabrication or fixing details (for example, between the railings and posts) precludes detailed consideration of the acceptability.