226 Cowley Road Oxford OX4 1UH

6 October 2020

Demolition of existing single storey outbuilding. Erection of single storey rear extension and erection of a single storey front extension. Provision of bin storage.

The property is occupied by Oxford Lettings. Above the business is a two-bed flat with kitchen and bathroom. There is no designated accommodation on the second floor. Access to the flat is gained from Cowley Road.  The proposed front extension will provide a door at street level (access is currently reached by a flight of stone stairs up to the door). The rear extension utilizes a covered yard and converts to an ‘office’. At the end of the existing space is a small store and WC.  The drawing indicates that the bin storage area will be adjacent to the small store.  It is unclear from the drawing if a route exists to enable the bins to be taken outside the property.  There is no evidence of any rear access to the property, nor is there a designated route for the occupants of the flat to access the bin storage. This needs to be clarified before a decision is made