92 Banbury Road Oxford OX2 6JT

2 August 2020

Variation of condition 2 (Develop in accordance with approved plns) of planning permission 19/01345/FUL (Alteration to the front boundary wall) to allow insertion of a 2no. automated timber gates to the vehicle access and 2no. of timber gates to the pedestrian access.

The proposals approved in the earlier application had no gates at all, allowing unobstructed access directly off Banbury Road. This application introduces gates, which, although stated to be ‘automated’, have the potential to cause obstruction to traffic, especially cycle and bus traffic, on Banbury Road. The gates serve no practical purpose and, particularly in the light of emerging proposals to improve facilities for cycling and to encourage the use of public transport, we believe this application should be refused, on the grounds of potential interference with transport policies.