20 Bradmore Road Oxford OX2 6QP

19 May 2020

Removal of existing terraces to rear elevation and erection of a new terrace to north, east and south elevations. Removal of existing rear entrance and external steps. Formation of parapet wall to existing single storey side structure to allow the insertion of a doorway. Removal of garden wall. Removal of 1no. door and replacement with 1no. window to east elevation and removal of 2no. windows and replacement with 1no. door to east elevation. Installation of 1no. air conditioning unit to north elevation and 1no. unit to east elevation. Alterations to fenstration and upgrading of windows with slimlite double glazing.

The Design & Access Statement states: “The most recent building work to take place at 20 Bradmore Rd included the construction of the double garage in 2001The poor quality materials, detailing and design of this structure detract from the character of the original property.” It is regrettable that despite this assessment, no improvements to the garage are proposed, and the appearance may further be impaired by the erection of a slatted timber screen around the 4 large heat pump units. Although technical details of the heat pump units are provided, no assessment appears to have been made of the collective noise emission when all are operating at full capacity, or of the potential effect of this on neighbours. We also note that no provision is indicated for the storage of waste or recycling bins, or bicycles, and we would ask that consent be withheld or conditioned such that acceptable solutions to these issues be proposed.