84 Church Way Oxford Oxfordshire OX4 4EF

4 May 2019

Change of use of dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to a House in Multiple Occupation (Use Class C4). Provision of bin and cycle storage. 

This application is badly flawed in numerous ways: it is stated (Q3) that the change of use has already taken place (in February 2019), yet the current use is described (Q14) as “Family dwelling”; it is stated (Q7) that there are no proposals for the storage of waste, yet the Block Plan shows a feature described as “Proposed bin storage”; the number of proposed bike parking spaces has not been stated (Q10), yet the Block Plan shows a feature described as “Proposed secure cycle storage”; no statement is provided as to the number of residents it is proposed to accommodate, although the application is for change of use to ‘small’ HMO; however, the floor plans suggest that at least 5 independent persons could occupy the premises. No elevation drawings are provided, in particular of the waste bin and cycle storage facilities, which are shown on the Block Plan located prominently right on the front boundary, i.e. at the back of the footway. Especially given that the site occupies a highly visible position within the characterful Iffley Conservation area the failure to provide any indication of the likely appearance of these features is reprehensible. This application should be refused pending acceptable resolution of these issues.