19/00486/FUL & 19/00522/FUL

20 Wentworth Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX2 7TQ

23 March 2019

Change of use of dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to a House of Multiple Occupation (Use Class C4). Erection of a part single part two storey rear extension, formation of hip to gable extension to the rear in association with loft conversion, juliette balcony to the rear and erection of porch to front elevation.

 Erection of a part single, part two storey rear extension. Erection of a front porch. Alterations to roof to form hip to gable, formation of 1no. dormer to rear roofslope in association with a loft conversion. Insertion of 1no. window with Juliette balcony to rear roofslope. Insertion of 1no. rooflight to front roofslope.

Oxford Civic Society has examined these applications which should be considered together. We object to the addition of a two storey extension to this property on the grounds that the impact on the residents of 17 and 19 Salisbury Crescent will be overbearing and will result in unacceptable loss of light to their gardens. We have no objection to a single storey extension nor to the conversion of the loft. We also have  no objection to the conversion to an HMO provided that the criteria relating to bike and bin storage, parking and density of HMOs in the area are met.