1-3 Golden Cross Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 3EX

28 December 2018

 Change of use to part ground floor and all of first floor from restaurant/cafe (Use Class A3) to dwelling houses (Use Class C3) to create 2no. studio apartments and internal alterations.

This application is for a Grade 1 listed site. It is accompanied by a very detailed Heritage Statement which seems persuasive. However, with reference to page 4 of the covering letter dated 3 December 2018, we note with great concern that although a request for pre-application advice was sought on 28th August 2018, no Case Officer was assigned by Oxford City Council. Consequently, no advice has been received, despite the many efforts made by the applicant during the following eight weeks to engage with the appropriate Conservation Officer, and the request has now been withdrawn.

We believe that this application should not be approved until a Case Officer has been involved despite any consequential delay.