221 London Road Headington Oxford OX3 9JA

1 June 2018

 Change of use of dwelling house (Use Class C3) to a House of Multiple Occupation (Use Class C4). Provision of car parking, bin and cycle store.

 This application states that no changes are needed of any sort for the change of use proposed to an HMO with 3 bedrooms.  In the floor plans, the ground floor consists of 2 communal areas, there are two bedrooms on the first floor and one very cramped one, with sloping ceilings, on the top floor. One of the ground-floor rooms would be preferable as a unit rather than the second-floor one.  There is one parking space: given that this dwelling is in an area already very much challenged for parking, an exclusion from the parking permit scheme should be stipulated for the up to five other possible residents who may have cars.