38 Cornmarket Street Oxford OX1 3HA

22 April 2018

| Replacement shop fronts to front and north side elevation; repair and refurbishment works to external facades, roofs and joinery; new first floor extension to house dumb waiter, pigeon netting and air handling unit to south side elevation; replacement door on rear west elevation; internal alterations including removal and addition of partitions. |

Oxford Civic Society supports the nature of the proposed investment in this well-known landmark at street level on Cornmarket. Whilst continuance of retail use might be regarded as preferable in these changing times the proposal should ensure the future of the building and it’s active frontages on both Cornmarket and St Michael’s Street.  Whilst changes are proposed to the patterns of ground floor fenestration, Oxford Civic Society does not regard these proposals as inappropriate to the character of the building and its overall facades and  massing – if anything benefiting the overall character. However, we would suggest that Oxford City Council should take steps to ensure that the character and quality of building elements proposed for the ‘restoration’ of the facades be demonstrated by the submission of samples prior to exterior refurbishment.