28 Norton Close Oxford OX3 7BQ

13 February 2017

Variation of condition 8 (Parking permits) of planning permission 06/00846/FUL (Erection of 3 storey extension (third floor in roof space) to 74 Windmill Road to form 2 flats (1×1 bedroom and 1×2 bedrooms). Erection of 3 storey building (third floor in roof space) facing Windmill Road to form 2×2 bedroom flats. Erection of four x 3 bedrooms, 3 storey high (third floor in roof space) semi detached houses facing Norton Close with 4 car parking spaces. Provision of bin and cycle stores) to allow eligibility to visitor parking permits.

No justification for varying the condition has been provided and no change in circumstances that led to its imposition has been evidenced. The application should, therefore, be rejected