40 Knights Road Oxford OX4 6DG

17 November 2017

Erection of a 2 x 2-bed dwellinghouse with bin shelter and parking. Part 2 storey, part single storey extension to rear of existing house. (Amended description)

The proposed parking spaces (2.4m x 4.8m) are inadequate for modern vehicles, and any car associated with the existing house would be likely to obstruct the public footway. The front elevations of both the existing and new properties would be dominated by the bin stores, for which inadequate details have been provided. The cycle parking proposed is, in the case of both existing and new properties, accessible only by transporting the machines through the sitting rooms, kitchens and dining areas, and is thus not a feasible solution. The fact is that the site, little more than 1 ½ x the footprint of a single garage, is not large enough to accommodate an independent dwelling such as is proposed. This application should be refused.