1 Everard Close Oxford OX3 7NB

10 December 2016

Change of use from dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to a large House in Multiple Occupation (Sui Generis). Erection of a part single part two storey rear extension.

The documents supplied with this application are inadequate and do not contain either a location plan or site plan. The latter is critical for assessing both the vehicle access and the impact of the proposed extension at the rear of the house on the adjoining terraced house. There is no discussion of the parking arrangements but they appear to be totally unsatisfactory. The two spaces indicated in the rear garden will result in the loss of amenity space and can only be reached when two of the parking spaces in the front garden are unoccupied.  Similarly the space proposed immediately in front of the house can only accessed when one of the two spaces in front of the communal garage block is unoccupied.  The parking spaces are not suitable for use by 10 people leading independent lives and permitting this house not become an HMO will certainly result in an increase in on street parking in an area of very dense housing.

The application does not demonstrate that there is no impact of the rear extension of the house on the adjoining house. Within the house 5 of the bedrooms are very close to the minimum permitted size of 6.5 m2. Similarly the kitchen area is very close to, if not below, the minimum of 24 m2 for a 10 bedroom HMO. It also acts as the corridor for the 4 bedrooms opening on to it. The area in the front garden designated for waste and recycling bins is not clearly differentiated from the parking.

This application will result in the loss of a small family house in an area of dense housing. The creation of a large HMO with small rooms and no amenity area will place strains on the people in the area even if the parking arrangements are considered satisfactory by the Highway Authority. The application should be rejected.