Roger Dudman Way

  • Roger Dudman Way Environmental Impact

    The Society's response to the Environmental Impact Analysis of the Roger Dudman Way flats.

    18 December 2014

    Not for many years has a new building project of the University of Oxford aroused so much opposition. Of the 430 individual responses to the consultation over 95% supported Option 3, many of them offering individually expressed views at some length. The Environmental Statement (ES) establishes very clearly that Option 3 is the only one of the three options to deliver a significant reduction in the harm done by the development to landscape and visual effects and to the historic environment.

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  • Roger Dudman Woe

    The independent review of the Castle Mill flats planning fiasco.

    6 March 2014

    We shall probably never know why the University of Oxford changed the brief for the student housing on Roger Dudman Way from “creating a sense of place and community” to one that produced the structures that now dominate Port Meadow. The City Council commissioned an independent review following the outcry when local people finally became aware of the blocks being built. The review was published at the end of December. We had the small consolation of being included in the working party of three councillors and three community organisations appointed by the Council to oversee the review.

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  • Controversy, controversy!

    The Civic Society's first involvement in the Castle Mill flats row.

    12 April 2012

    Was anyone really aware of the visual impact of the colossal student residence development being built by the University of Oxford at Castle Mill in Roger Dudman Way alongside Port Meadow? Our photograph shows how the five storey blocks with aggressively profiled pitched roofs intrude on the Meadow. Our Vice Chair, on a walk led by the wild life trust BBOWT, starting from the Wolvercote car park well over a mile away from the development, described it as “a desecration of a much loved landscape."

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