Queen Street

  • Experimental Closure of Queen Street

    OCS response to the consultation

    6 July 2017

    Oxfordshire County Council plans to close Queen Street to all motor vehicles, including buses, for an ‘experimental period’ of 18 months. There is a set of other changes to traffic arrangements in the city centre. We have submitted a formal response to the proposals.

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  • Should Queen Street be closed to buses and taxis?

    The County rethinks its proposals

    17 November 2016

    The County Council originally seemed set on permanently closing Queen Street to buses and taxis. When they went to public consultation, many voices including our own pointed out fundamental problems with the idea. We are glad to see that now the proposal is going back to the County for a decision, the officers’ recommendation is that more time is taken to look at the options.

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  • Queen Street Closure – County Recommendations

    Extract from the paper to Cabinet Member for Environment

    17 November 2016

    This text is extracted from the paper presented to the County Council's Cabinet Member for Environment on 24 November 2016, after a public consultation on a proposal to close Queen Street to buses and taxis once the new Westgate shopping centre is open.

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  • Queen Street Closure to Buses and Taxis

    Our response to the County's consultation

    16 October 2016

    We consider that the time has come for the City to decide where its priorities lie: surely the main character of Oxford is its historic environment, not a retail experience. A complete re-think of transport in central Oxford is needed, to free up more of the historic centre from buses and bus layover spaces

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