• Managing Oxford in challenging times

    The talk by Oxford City's ex-CEO is now available

    9 April 2021

    Thursday 11 March 8pm Gordon Mitchell was Oxford City Council’s Chief Executive from May 2017 to April 2021. Gordon provided strong support to the city council, including the creation of council-owned businesses, managing its finances in very difficult circumstances, addressing climate change, Covid recovery and the need to tackle inclusivity. He describes how addressing these…

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  • The Low Carbon Hub: powering a greener future

    The video of this talk is on YouTube

    1 March 2021

    Tuesday 23 February 8pm Imagine the whole county being powered by an interconnected series of smart micro-grids centred around multiple small-scale, community-controlled renewable energy schemes. That is the vision of the Low Carbon Hub, a social enterprise that aims to prove we can meet our energy needs in a way that is good for people…

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