• The Future of the Covered Market

    Our response to the report on the future of the market commissioned by the City Council

    29 November 2013

    We fully endorse its conclusions and recommendations. We cannot fault their diagnosis of what’s wrong. We are convinced that if the report’s recommendations are implemented in full the market will develop into a stronger asset for Oxford, and will support the financial health of the city as a destination for tourists and residents alike. We have two main concerns – are the traders and the City Council up to it?

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  • Covered Market Rents

    We are concerned that high rents will irreparably damage the character of the Covered Market

    25 April 2012

    The Covered Market is a unique and historic place, in a key location at the heart of the city’s commercial centre. It contributes to the commercial success of our city by providing to all its communities a diverse and sometimes unusual range of goods and services. We believe there is a threat to the character of the Market from rents that are unaffordable for smaller, local and independent traders.

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