manor place

  • Manor Place “not a battle between heritage and housing”

    What is being proposed at Manor Place does nothing to help the serious crisis in housing.

    14 February 2017

    Your front-page headline last week: “Need for new homes puts city’s heritage under threat” was seriously misleading. The proposed development does nothing to help the serious crisis in housing. It is not even intended to contribute to the accommodation needs of Oxford University. Both the University and site owners Merton College have confirmed they have no intention of using the accommodation themselves and the developer concedes that this is simply a speculative commercial project, aimed at any ‘student’ seeking accommodation in Oxford.

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  • Manor Place student housing

    Our objections to the developers' appeal.

    2 October 2016

    We consider that the appellants have failed to allay any of our concerns expressed in our letter of objection to the original application. We have previously pointed out the inadequacy of the information on how views will be affected. We reiterate our view that this proposal, if approved, would result in considerable environmental harm.

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  • Manor Place student housing – OCS objections

    Land South Of Manor Place Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 3UN

    3 August 2015

    Oxford Civic Society has grave misgivings about these proposals for such a jewel of a site. It is alarming that Oxford University has not been proactive in influencing Merton College’s decisions relating to the site, despite the facts that (a) the University claims, as in the case of the St Cross College application, to have an urgent need for postgraduate accommodation and (b) this project will make no contribution to meeting the commitment on providing student housing given to the City Council by the University and Oxford Brookes.

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  • Manor Place Student Housing Development

    Comments on the developers' initial proposals

    30 January 2014

    The peace and tranquillity of the cemetery, to which the public have access, will be destroyed and there will be serious shadowing from sunlight. The proposal to provide full restaurant facilities should help alleviate the concept of another ‘student silo’, and the provision of limited additional kitchen facilities in each building, on each floor enhances this aspect.

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