local plan

  • Local Plan 2036 – OCS comments

    Unstable base could cause local plan to wobble

    14 January 2019

    In writing the latest draft of the Oxford Local Plan 2036, Oxford planners have faced an impossible task. “They are trying to score goals while the goal posts are moving” says Ian Green, Chair of Oxford Civic Society. “In our response to the consultation on the plan we’ve tried to focus on whether the Plan is, in planning jargon, ‘sound’.”

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  • Local Plan 2036 – Dunstan Park

    Supplementary comment on Dunstan Park, Headington

    26 August 2017

    Dunstan Park is shown in the Preferred Options Section 9 ‘Sites’ (ref. no. 203) as ‘potentially suitable for development’ - ‘Housing’. We think this site should not be considered for development because of its value as a site with significant and unusual biodiversity.

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