• Broad Street markets block cycle route

    Should the markets be moved to preserve the E-W cycle route?

    23 November 2018

    Our Transport Group Co-convenor Juliet Blackburn would like to see a bypass cycle lane on one side of the Christmas market in Broad Street. Here she gives her personal reasons why.

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  • Riverside Cycling Routes

    Oxford Civic Society's response to the County's consultation

    26 August 2017

    Oxfordshire County Council has some money to spend on cycling infrastructure and is proposing to spend some of it on and around the Thames towpath. They published some drawings and a Q&A document, inviting comments from interested parties. Our Transport Group rose to the challenge. They cautiously welcomed the proposals, but pointed out that the…

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  • A40 Improvements & Eynsham P&R

    Are the proposals good value? We can't tell.

    17 January 2017

    The original consultation on upgrading the A40 didn't give any evidence to support any of the options being considered. Now a preferred option has been chosen the lack of supporting evidence still means we cannot tell what the effect of the scheme will be.

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  • Should Queen Street be closed to buses and taxis?

    The County rethinks its proposals

    17 November 2016

    The County Council originally seemed set on permanently closing Queen Street to buses and taxis. When they went to public consultation, many voices including our own pointed out fundamental problems with the idea. We are glad to see that now the proposal is going back to the County for a decision, the officers’ recommendation is that more time is taken to look at the options.

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  • Queen Street Closure – County Recommendations

    Extract from the paper to Cabinet Member for Environment

    17 November 2016

    This text is extracted from the paper presented to the County Council's Cabinet Member for Environment on 24 November 2016, after a public consultation on a proposal to close Queen Street to buses and taxis once the new Westgate shopping centre is open.

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  • Queen Street Closure to Buses and Taxis

    Our response to the County's consultation

    16 October 2016

    We consider that the time has come for the City to decide where its priorities lie: surely the main character of Oxford is its historic environment, not a retail experience. A complete re-think of transport in central Oxford is needed, to free up more of the historic centre from buses and bus layover spaces

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  • The Plain cycling project

    Our comments on Oxfordshire County Council's plans as they stood at Jan 2014 for redesigning The Plain for the benefit of cyclists.

    1 February 2014

    The proposals amount to little more than the re-alignment of kerbs, adjustment of levels, alteration of surfacing materials and colours, and the application of road paint. Given the ambitious claims that the scheme will achieve a 20% increase in cycling through the roundabout and act as a catalyst for improvements elsewhere it seems doubtful that such modest proposals will be effective. Likewise, it seems doubtful that these proposals will make much progress towards fulfilling Oxford City Council's ambition to make Oxford the premier cycling city in Europe.

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  • Westgate redevelopment transport proposals

    We are seriously concerned about the inadequate transport assessments.

    25 July 2013

    Many of Oxford’s main roads are already chronically congested, with consistently poor air quality as a result. The traffic analyses produced so far do not convince us that these problems will not get worse when this development is completed.

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  • Westgate Development comments

    Our letter to developers Land Securities about their plans for redeveloping the Westgate Centre

    4 July 2013

    Developers Land Securities have been consulting on their plans for redeveloping the Westgate Centre prior to submitting formal planning applications later this year. We have written to them with our comments expressing the hope that plans for the new Westgate can be better integrated with the other strategic developments, especially Oxpens and the rail station.

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