• Community Involvement – OCS response

    OCS response to Oxford City Council's Statement of Community Involvement (Planning)

    18 February 2015

    The Statement of Community Involvement (Planning) (SCIP) appears to be rooted in the statutory requirements for consultation on planning matters. This is understandable and necessary but it is not actually sufficient. Although we are pleased to see reference to the Oxford City Council Community Engagement Policy[1] we are concerned that the intention stated in that policy to put collaboration at the heart of the city’s planning processes is not reflected in the draft SCIP.

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  • Community Engagement Plan

    Response to Oxford City Council's Draft Community Engagement Plan 2014-2017

    1 February 2014

    The overall message that we glean from this report is ‘more of the same’. We presume, therefore, that there is no ambition to change or develop engagement processes, and it is considered there is limited need to improve them. Is this the unstated intent? We recognise that local authorities are under severe financial constraints, but nevertheless we would expect to see statements about the ‘direction of travel’.

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