Student Ambassadors

OCS and Oxford Brookes launch new initiative

15 April 2018

In the Civic Society we try to encourage as many people as possible from all walks of life to take an interest in the city where they live, work or study. We are therefore particularly pleased to announce that in partnership with Oxford Brookes University we are launching a Student Ambassadors scheme.

The Scheme

We hope to recruit about six students from Brookes to be Ambassadors for the 2018/19 academic year. They will promote the values of the Civic Society and encourage students to become involved in its work.

In return the Society will give the Student Ambassadors opportunities to join in the work of the Society and its working groups. They will get the chance to meet local politicians and other influential people. They will see at first hand how policies are developed and decisions made. We hope there will be opportunities too for students to take part in one-off projects, or to carry out their own.

The Civic Society hopes to gain from increased interest and membership from a sector which is under-represented in the Society. The Ambassadors will gain experience, insight and knowledge which will be valuable in their studies and future careers.


The scheme will be launched at an event at Brookes on 23 April – the poster gives the details. Brookes’ School of the Built Environment is the link between our two organisations, but students from any course are welcome to apply.

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To avoid confusion, please note that the Oxford Civic Society Student Ambassadors scheme is quite distinct from Brookes’ own Student Ambassadors initiative. The Brookes scheme is for students who support the University’s recruitment and outreach programmes with schools, prospective students, parents and other organisations.