Proposed changes to the Planning System

The Society's formal response to the Government White Paper

3 November 2020

The Government recently published a White Paper proposing wide-ranging and radical changes to the planning system.

Some of the more controversial proposals include:

  • central government setting housing targets by using a national algorithm;
  • automatic consent to development in designated zones;
  • eliminating public consultation from consideration of proposals; and
  • abolishing the duty of adjoining authorities to cooperate.

Our planning specialists prepared a comprehensive draft response to the Government’s White Paper. As well as giving direct answers to the questions asked in the consultation paper they drafted a narrative response which explained the reasons behind our answers and drew attention to some important issues that are not covered in the White Paper. They then hosted a webinar on Thursday 15 October in which they explained the implications for our city, outlined the Society‚Äôs proposed response, and invited questions and comments from the audience. You can watch the webinar via the link below.

Following the comments and discussion during and after the webinar the Society’s response was finalised and submitted to the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government on 29 October.

You can read or download both these papers here:

As well as the White Paper and our formal response, these other documents are useful background reading:

YouTube link for the webinar: