Riverwoods – Rewilding in Action

A feature-length film and panel discussion

31 May 2022

Tuesday 5 July, 6-8pm

The Ultimate Picture Palace, Jeune Street, OX4 1BN

Poster showing a river with a salmonIn September 2020, Paul Jepson, author of ‘Rewilding: the radical new science of ecology recovery’, gave us a fascinating talk on rewilding.  Such was its success (watched more than 12,000 times on YouTube that we have added to our range of events by organising the first public screening in England of a new film on the subject.  With sponsorship from Ecosulis Ltd, whose mission is to accelerate global rewilding, we are proud to present Riverwoods.

Produced by Scotland: The Big Picture, this feature-length documentary is a call to restore more of Scotland’s river catchments and the life they support. Through a combination of stunning imagery and expert commentary, the film shines a light on the perilous state of Scotland’s salmon and tells the compelling story of the inextricable relationship between fish and forest.

The screening will be introduced by a pre-recorded interview with Peter Cairns, a leading Scottish rewilder and the film’s producer.  Afterwards, Paul Jepson will invite a panel including Christine Colvin of the Rivers Trust, Kate Hill, Professor of Anthropology at Oxford Brookes and Estelle Bailey, CEO Buckinghamshire Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT), as well as the audience to share their reactions to the film and ask if a similar initiative is needed to recover river woodlands along the Thames and other English rivers.

The event is a must for anyone interested in rewilding, and is open to all, so early booking is recommended. Tickets are £10 and available only through this Eventbrite page: bit.ly/ocs-rewilding.