Peter Thompson retires as Chairman

We thank Peter for his service over the last seven years.

29 March 2017

It is a great pleasure to thank Peter for his service to the Society, to which he has devoted so many hours in the last seven years. He has met every request for his time and attention; even when nominally on holiday or visiting his antipodean family he has kept in touch. He has made himself a challenging but respected presence in the life of our local organisations; councils and other public bodies, and others such as the Oxford Preservation Trust and the Oxford Pedestrians Association. He has written enough e-mails, articles and well-turned letters to the press to fill a book.

Peter has given huge encouragement and support to the groups of the society that do the detailed work on everything from planning applications to our litter problem. Above all he has challenged all of us to think hard about the future, whether of a single neighbourhood or the whole city-region with Oxford at its heart. He played a crucial part in starting the Oxfordshire Futures initiative.

Peter’s professional approach and passionate concern have immeasurably enhanced the society’s reputation. We are delighted that he has promised to continue giving us his time and energy.