Oxfordshire – Good Growth

A four-part debate about Oxfordshire’s future

1 May 2021

In the past we have held lively and well-attended debates at the Town Hall. Pandemic circumstances prevent that, so we are aiming to do the same online, this time looking at the key factors affecting the county’s future in four linked half-day events.

Each of the sessions will have a distinguished panel of speakers, who will leave ample time for contributions from the audience. The first session will consider the big picture – the strategic options for the county over the next decades and the levels of growth linked to these options; the second will discuss transport and travel; the third will look at housing need and aspirations; the fourth will focus on climate-related issues.

The outline of the two days is as follows. Full information, including speakers, times and how to register, is here: www.oxcivicsoc.org.uk/programme/oxfordshire-good-growth/

Saturday 15 May.

Morning: How can we ensure good growth?
Afternoon: Transport and travel.

Saturday 22 May.

Morning: Homes and settlements.
Afternoon: Climate change and the path to net zero.

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  1. Our current plans are to record the debates, but whether or not we will publish them, and if we do in what form (complete, edited, a summary) isn’t yet decided.

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