Oxford University plans for Autumn term

Covid-19 safety arrangements for staff, students and the public

13 August 2020

Students on lawn
Photo: Somerville College

Since it shut down all face-to-face teaching earlier this year, the University of Oxford has been working out how it can safely restart teaching students in the Michaelmas (Autumn) term. Lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, college life and accommodation are all affected. Oxford Civic Society has received a letter from the University’s Public Affairs Directorate which describes the arrangements they are putting in place from the start of term in October,

The return of students to the city is naturally a matter of interest, and possibly concern, to our members and the general public. We are pleased that the Public Affairs Directorate has taken the initiative in asking us to publicise their letter, which you can read here.

As and when we receive further updates we will publish them on this website.