Oxford Central West

A unique chance to create a new gateway to our historic city.

17 February 2016


Several key sites including the large area around Oxford Station and Oxpens; land on both sides of the railway; the area between Hythe Bridge Street and Park End Street, and the Osney Mead industrial estate are likely to be redeveloped over the next ten years. This offers a unique chance to create a new gateway to our historic city, a first class transport interchange, space for a range of employment and much needed housing.



In the past major developments have tended to be carried out piecemeal, each with a Master Plan which often failed to consider what would be happening in neighbouring areas. We realised this was a great opportunity to bring together a wide range of interested parties and encourage them to look for ways of co-ordinating their plans and create an outstanding new area of the city.

The Society is holding a Workshop in mid-March which will bring together City and County planners and Councillors, landowners including Nuffield College and Oxford University, developers, residents’ and environmental groups, Network Rail, the LEP and more. They will be helped by experts from the Academy of Urbanism who have experience of helping cities to create harmonious and sustainable places where people are happy to live, work and relax.

We see this as a great opportunity to put our ideas on ‘joined-up planning’ to the test, and challenge all the people involved in these major developments to show they can work together for the good of the whole city.

Your Oxford – Your Future – Your Say

In the month leading up to the Workshop, Oxford Civic Society is trialling a new way of finding out what people think about the area now and in the future. Read more about this here.


We hope that the Workshop will lead to agreement that a co-ordinated approach to the development of the area – provisionally being called Oxford Central West – is not only desirable but achievable. One possibile outcome is that everyone agrees to set up an overseeing and co-ordinating group of some sort that will take on the job. Whatever happens we will publish a report of the Workshop and make it widely available. We want this to be the start of a continuing discussion and debate, and we hope we can keep the ‘YOUR OXFORD – YOUR FUTURE – YOUR SAY’ exercise going so that everyone’s voice can be heard.