OCS welcomes Government support for cycling and walking

"Gear Change" sets out government objectives

7 August 2020

Mini Holland in Waltham Forest
‘Mini-Holland’, Waltham Forest.
Photo: Enfield Cycling Campaign

On 28 July the Government announced Gear Change: a bold vision for cycling and walking  aimed at empowering local authorities to improve streets to encourage and protect cyclists and pedestrians.

Oxford Civic Society welcomes this as a major step towards achieving liveable cities, addressing the climate change emergency and, through active travel, healthier lives.

As Oxfordshire County Council prepares to respond to the government’s request for bids for Tranche II of the active travel grant, the Society hopes it will do so in the spirit of Gear Change. “The County and City Councils benefit from having well established and knowledgeable cycling and pedestrian groups on whom they can call to help ensure that both cycling and walking are at the heart of their immediate decision making,” said OCS Chair Ian Green. “We remind the Councils that measures should not be to the detriment of those unable to walk or cycle. It is essential that they are well catered for by public transport systems that are safe, efficient and sustainable.”

Responses to the current Tranche II consultation could help consolidate policies being formulated for longer term development planning in the City and County. The Society can call on considerable knowledge and expertise in this field and is able and willing to contribute.