Low Energy Seminar

Saturday 24 September 2011, Jacqueline du Pré Building, St Hilda’s College

19 May 2012

Our Low Energy Seminar provided some sobering statistics from Dr. Brenda Boardman of the Environmental Change Institute, the University of Oxford, on the scale of the task in meeting Government targets. Whether to mitigate the risks of disastrous climate change, or to safeguard our energy supplies and keep them affordable, it is inescapable that the next decades are going to need massive behavioural change, as well as wholesale adaptation of all our building stock. Clearly, this is not just an issue for the ‘greenies’ – it will involve all of us, and it needs to start now.

After the scene was set on what needs to be done, our other speakers outlined the tools available: Bruce Mullet of Associated Design Partnership, presented an architect’s view; Justin Rhodes of MD Lewis Building Technology, amazed us with the opportunities for control technology; Martin Brook of Ecoliving, described the alternatives for energy sources, and Dr Christian Jardine of Joju Solar, focussed on practical photovoltaic applications.

It was an altogether fascinating, if challenging, insight into where we will all be going, so it was entirely appropriate for Oxford Civic Society, as a leading community group, to be raising the issues. In fact, we are doing much more – collaborating with Low Carbon Oxford, the City Council initiative involving local businesses and Oxford’s ‘civic society’ at large, and with more local community groups like Low Carbon West Oxford, Oxford North, Headington, South and East Oxford.

Presentations available here:

1. The need for energy conservation & sustainability – Dr Brenda Boardman, MBE FEI

2. Reduced energy use & the environmental impact of new and existing buildings – Bruce Mullett BSc, DipArch RIBA

3. Simple steps to manage energy consumption more efficiently – Justin Rhodes, Lewis Building Technology

4. Micro-renewable energy options – Martin Brook, Ecoliving

5. Photovoltaic installations on commercial and domestic buildings – Dr Chris Jardine, Joju Solar