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24 April 2021

litter-pickers in store
Now you see them ….

Over 350 of our litter-pickers have vanished from the lock-up where they were stored. We need them for this year’s OxClean Clean-up! We’re appealing to all our supporters and everyone who hates litter to help towards the cost of replacing them.

As pandemic regulations ease, our OxClean volunteers have been finalising plans for our annual clean-up in the city only to discover that 365 of our litter-pickers have vanished from their store. Having asked everyone who might know anything about their whereabouts without success, we’re sadly forced to conclude that they have been stolen. We have no idea how the thieves got into our store, and we’ve since been told that we can’t claim on insurance.

Empty storage
… now you don’t

As a small charity, we’ll struggle to find over £5,000 to buy replacement equipment, so we’ve launched an appeal for funds on JustGiving. To donate any amount, large or small, follow this link: