Survey for Oxford Residents’ Associations and Community Groups

Oxford and Oxfordshire are among the fastest growing local economies in the UK but also one of the least equal, so we wanted to examine what fundamental structural changes may be required to ensure our future growth delivers benefits to all residents and serves to narrow the inequalities gap.

We are currently involved with the work of the Oxford Strategic Partnership, addressing the theme of Inclusive Growth. The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership (OIEP) is part of a countywide partnership of organisations from the public, private and community and voluntary sectors who have come together to develop an inclusive economy agenda countywide.

As part of our work Oxford Civic Society has recently set up a Working Group, Oxford Community Impact Group (OCIG), with a remit “to co-operate with Oxford’s Residents’ Associations and Community Groups to develop and campaign for community led solutions to shared problems”.

OCIG would like to gather information from organizations such as yourselves to inform us of

  1. Aspirations you have for your community;
  2. Local issues that concern you;
  3. How you have tackled issues of concern;
  4. What could be done to assist you in achieving your current and future goals?
  5. What could OCIG do to assist you in achieving your goals?

Please complete the short survey which you will find here: Thank you!