Changes in Oxford Civic Society’s Executive team

Changes to the Executive Committee

29 March 2017

A number of changes among our Officers and members of the Executive Committee were confirmed at our AGM on 29 March. We have summarised the changes here, but please follow the links for more information about the contributions the leavers have made to the Society over the years and the backgrounds of the new people joining.

  Sir Hugo Brunner stepped down from the role of President which he has held for the past seven years.
  In his place the AGM elected Sir Clive Booth as the new President.
  Peter Thompson retired from his position as Chairman.
  Ian Green (Executive Committee member) takes over as Chairman from Peter.
  Jonathan Scheele (Executive Committee member) replaces Clive Booth as Vice-Chairman.
  Tim Treacher retired from the Executive Committee.
  Margaret Maden was appointed to the honorary position of Vice-President.
  Tim Wilson joined the Executive Committee.

We are enormously grateful to Hugo, Peter and Tim Treacher for all their hard work and dedication to the Society over many years and we welcome Ian, Jonathan, Margaret and Tim Wilson to their new roles.

For a full list of the Officers and members of the Executive Committee, and the organisers of our various working groups, please see the Governance page.