Major projects

  • Woodstock Road consultation response

    4 December 2021

    We broadly endorse the proposals to prioritise pedestrian and cycle traffic in line with central and local government policy. However, it is unfortunate that implementation seems to be intended in isolation of other measures, including those aimed at reducing car numbers to safeguard traffic flow.

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  • Initial thoughts on Banbury & Woodstock Roads

    OCS Transport Group pre-consultation submission

    6 August 2020

    Earlier this year Oxfordshire County Council invited ‘stakeholder’ organisations to give their comments on outline proposals to reconfigure the Woodstock and Banbury Roads. This was intended to collect thoughts and suggestions before the County publishes information for a full public consultation. OCS’s Transport Group submitted a paper suggesting some ideas for the scope, principles etc….

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  • Transport Strategy – Civic Society Response

    The County’s topic-based approach to the transport plan ignores the big picture

    20 May 2020

    Oxford Civic Society welcomes the County Council’s survey on transport and connectivity but regrets the topic approach lacks an overall strategy.

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  • Response to ‘Connecting Oxford’

    We commend the City and County for their ‘Connecting Oxford’ collaboration.

    23 October 2019

    Oxford Civic Society commends both the public consultation and city-county collaboration. However, it is difficult to make specific comments on the proposals as few details are yet available. We therefore hope that the Councils will move quickly to commission the technical work necessary to enable all parties to make an informed assessment. We look forward to commenting further as details are developed.

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  • Oxford Station Plan Ignores Oxford’s Needs

    We review the latest planning document about Oxford Station.

    26 August 2017

    The Oxford Station SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) ignores the needs of Oxford's central area. The station and surrounding area should be incorporated into a much larger Masterplan that makes the most of the opportunities for commercial investment in development and which would provide transport and housing solutions relating to the whole of the Central Oxford West area, to provide the City with a new quarter that will be vibrant, successful and a fitting gateway to 21st century Oxford

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  • A40 Improvements & Eynsham P&R

    Are the proposals good value? We can't tell.

    17 January 2017

    The original consultation on upgrading the A40 didn't give any evidence to support any of the options being considered. Now a preferred option has been chosen the lack of supporting evidence still means we cannot tell what the effect of the scheme will be.

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  • Access to Headington (3)

    23 May 2016

    ACCESS TO HEADINGTON – DRAFT TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER – OTHER OPTIONS Consultation response “The latest proposals, perhaps the first test of the commitment of the County Council to delivery of the stated objectives of LTP4, fail to live up to those objectives, or to conform to the specifications of the designated route classification, and thus…

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  • Access to Headington (2)

    Our comments on the Traffic Reguation Orders for Access to Headington

    26 March 2016

    In our response to the original consultation on Access to Headington we said we were very supportive of the stated aims for the project but were concerned that the statements should amount to more than simple rhetoric, and that the scheme should genuinely represent the optimum solutions for the achievement of the aims. We note with regret that this is still the case, We do however welcome the fact that attention has clearly been given to the earlier comments made by ourselves and many others about the need to find alternative spaces for the parking places to be removed from Headley Way and Windmill Road, and to the concerns expressed about loss of trees, green verges and other ‘green’ amenities.

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  • Investing in the A40

    OXFORD CIVIC SOCIETY Response to Oxfordshire County Council consultation

    5 November 2015

    We have serious criticisms about the way this consultation is being handled, as well as comments on the various solutions. The information does not explain why we need to decide long term options for the A40 now. It is too early to present specific options which might cost £100m or more when there is no coherent long-term plan for land use or development in the Oxford region. Big investments like this can only be justified by their support for major developments and if they can reduce congestion by encouraging more efficient and sustainable means of travel.

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  • Access to Headington

    It is difficult to make any judgements without data on problems and improvements.

    8 August 2015

    We are very supportive of the objectives of making public transport and cycling much more attractive, in the interests of reducing congestion and environmental pollution and improving public health. In principle we acknowledge that the proposals exhibited appear likely to be effective in promoting these objectives, however there is an over-arching shortcoming in that no evidence is offered in the form of data or predicted consequences, to demonstrate the effectiveness, or justify incurring the adverse effects which would inevitably result.

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