Large developments

  • Oxford Central West

    A unique chance to create a new gateway to our historic city.

    17 February 2016

    Several key sites including the large area around Oxford Station and Oxpens; land on both sides of the railway; the area between Hythe Bridge Street and Park End Street, and the Osney Mead industrial estate are likely to be redeveloped over the next ten years. This offers a unique chance to create a new gateway to our historic city, a first class transport interchange, space for a range of employment and much needed housing.

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  • Your Oxford – Your Future – Your Say

    An experiment in open consultation

    17 February 2016

    We have set up a website where you can tell us what they think about a particular part of Oxford Central West, or indeed the whole area. We will be publicising this as widely as possible with the slogan ‘YOUR OXFORD – YOUR FUTURE – YOUR SAY’.

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  • Oxford Station concept designs

    Response to Public Exhibition 14th – 29th December 2015

    10 January 2016

    The overriding objective for a new station for Oxford should be how well it works as a genuine transport interchange. But all the designs presented seem to offer poorer connections between rail, cycle, bus, car and taxi, than the existing station. We have commented on each of the six concepts in detail.

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  • Manor Place student housing – OCS objections

    Land South Of Manor Place Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 3UN

    3 August 2015

    Oxford Civic Society has grave misgivings about these proposals for such a jewel of a site. It is alarming that Oxford University has not been proactive in influencing Merton College’s decisions relating to the site, despite the facts that (a) the University claims, as in the case of the St Cross College application, to have an urgent need for postgraduate accommodation and (b) this project will make no contribution to meeting the commitment on providing student housing given to the City Council by the University and Oxford Brookes.

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  • Science Vale Area Action Plan

    We are keen to see the Knowledge Spine of the Oxfordshire Strategic Economic Plan implemented successfully.

    24 April 2015

    Oxford Civic Society has recently responded to the Consultation on the Science Vale Area Action Plan Issues and Scope Document, February 2015. The comments complement OCS comments made a little earlier on the South Oxfordshire District Council Consultation: Local Plan 2031: Refined Options Consultation and on the recent Oxfordshire County Council consultation “Connecting Oxfordshire”. This…

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  • Wolvercote Paper Mill Development

    Comments on an exhibition showing proposals for the Wolvercote Paper Mill site.

    21 March 2015

    First impressions: more thought needs to be given as to how the community area will 'read' to visitors as they approach from the entrance to the site; for example, how the parking there relates to the entrance/front elevation of the surgery, and what the 'feel' and proportions of the area might be like, surrounded by higher blocks.

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  • Roger Dudman Way Environmental Impact

    The Society's response to the Environmental Impact Analysis of the Roger Dudman Way flats.

    18 December 2014

    Not for many years has a new building project of the University of Oxford aroused so much opposition. Of the 430 individual responses to the consultation over 95% supported Option 3, many of them offering individually expressed views at some length. The Environmental Statement (ES) establishes very clearly that Option 3 is the only one of the three options to deliver a significant reduction in the harm done by the development to landscape and visual effects and to the historic environment.

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  • Westway Objections in full

    8 October 2014

    Planning application reference: P13/V2733/FUL Demolition of a mix of existing buildings and the erection of mixed use development comprising retail, restaurants and cafes, offices, hotel, student accommodation and ancillary facilities, 33 apartments, replacement vicarage, library and place of worship (Baptist Church), health centre, cinema, gymnasium, covered car parking and access, public square, landscaping and associated…

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  • Northern Gateway Area Action Plan

    Our response to the Proposed Submission

    1 October 2014

    Before any development of the Northern Gateway site the problems of serious traffic congestion, noise and chronic air pollution must be resolved. This is recognised in the adopted Core Strategy. The AAP Proposed Submission differs from the Core Strategy with no justification, making it unsound and potentially, we suspect, illegal.

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  • Roger Dudman Woe

    The independent review of the Castle Mill flats planning fiasco.

    6 March 2014

    We shall probably never know why the University of Oxford changed the brief for the student housing on Roger Dudman Way from “creating a sense of place and community” to one that produced the structures that now dominate Port Meadow. The City Council commissioned an independent review following the outcry when local people finally became aware of the blocks being built. The review was published at the end of December. We had the small consolation of being included in the working party of three councillors and three community organisations appointed by the Council to oversee the review.

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