Large developments

  • EasyHotel in Summertown

    We urge refusal of the planning application

    11 December 2017

    EasyHotel's proposal to build a 180-bed hotel in Summertown is inappropriate for the area, would add to congestion and pollution and have a serious impact on parking. If developed, this site should make a significant contribution to Oxford's housing shortage.

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  • Manor Place Dismissed on Appeal

    Planning Inspector upholds refusal of permission

    7 December 2017

    Oxford Civic Society has consistently opposed this development. We are gratified that the Planning Inspector dismissed the appeal against the City's original refusal to grant planning permission. The proposed scheme was inappropriate for the site and did nothing to meet Oxford’s real need, which is for purpose built housing for graduate students and early-career researchers.

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  • Seacourt Park & Ride Extension

    Our response to the planning application

    26 November 2017

    The proposal to extend Seacourt Park & Ride has become a controversial issue. Oxford's two MPs and the County Council have opposed it. As part of our normal scrutiny of planning applications we have sent our own response which we reprint here.

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  • 25 Wellington Square redevelopment

    Response to the 2nd public consultation on 25 Wellington Square

    1 November 2017

    We regret that the latest design has departed from this approach in favour of the currently fashionable “egg box” style which is proliferating in various new university buildings. This appears to have been done as a cost saving measure and without regard to the preservation of heritage and the impact on the surrounding Conservation Area. We hope that the change in façade design will be reconsidered.

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  • Manor Place “not a battle between heritage and housing”

    What is being proposed at Manor Place does nothing to help the serious crisis in housing.

    14 February 2017

    Your front-page headline last week: “Need for new homes puts city’s heritage under threat” was seriously misleading. The proposed development does nothing to help the serious crisis in housing. It is not even intended to contribute to the accommodation needs of Oxford University. Both the University and site owners Merton College have confirmed they have no intention of using the accommodation themselves and the developer concedes that this is simply a speculative commercial project, aimed at any ‘student’ seeking accommodation in Oxford.

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  • Manor Place student housing

    Our objections to the developers' appeal.

    2 October 2016

    We consider that the appellants have failed to allay any of our concerns expressed in our letter of objection to the original application. We have previously pointed out the inadequacy of the information on how views will be affected. We reiterate our view that this proposal, if approved, would result in considerable environmental harm.

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  • Oxford Central West seminar report

    The report of February's seminar has been published.

    12 May 2016

    The workshop demonstrated that the old Parish of St Thomas offers space to enlarge the city centre to service a greater Oxford. If it is developed imaginatively it can help provide affordable housing, generate better jobs, solve transport problems, help reduce pollution and improve the quality of life for all. This will not be achieved without many years of effort. A full report of the day's procedings has been produced and is freely available for download.

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  • Oxford Central West

    A unique chance to create a new gateway to our historic city.

    17 February 2016

    Several key sites including the large area around Oxford Station and Oxpens; land on both sides of the railway; the area between Hythe Bridge Street and Park End Street, and the Osney Mead industrial estate are likely to be redeveloped over the next ten years. This offers a unique chance to create a new gateway to our historic city, a first class transport interchange, space for a range of employment and much needed housing.

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  • Your Oxford – Your Future – Your Say

    An experiment in open consultation

    17 February 2016

    We have set up a website where you can tell us what they think about a particular part of Oxford Central West, or indeed the whole area. We will be publicising this as widely as possible with the slogan ‘YOUR OXFORD – YOUR FUTURE – YOUR SAY’.

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  • Oxford Station concept designs

    Response to Public Exhibition 14th – 29th December 2015

    10 January 2016

    The overriding objective for a new station for Oxford should be how well it works as a genuine transport interchange. But all the designs presented seem to offer poorer connections between rail, cycle, bus, car and taxi, than the existing station. We have commented on each of the six concepts in detail.

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