Broad Street pedestrianisation survey

Your responses will go into our report to the Council

27 July 2021

Broad Street Oxford transformed into Briad Meadow
‘Broad Meadow’ – Broad Street transformed
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Broad Street must surely be one of the most beautiful spaces in the city with its handsome and dignified architecture, its wonderful vistas and the central role it plays in the ceremonial life of the University. But it is not being used to its full potential.  Without traffic and parking the street could provide a focal point for leisure and entertainment with scope for creative, changing uses.

The Society has been involved with the Council and the designers LDA in the planning of the current pilot scheme for the pedestrianisation of Broad Street, starting with the west end. We are delighted that the pilot scheme is now installed for scrutiny and we hope people will give their views on how we might go forward. We hope that eventually the whole of Broad Street can be part of this aspiration. This may take years to fully deliver but now is the time to start!

We are asked our members and the citizens of Oxford what they like and dislike about the west end pilot:  how they would like Broad Street to be revitalised and regenerated. The survey attracted 169 responses which will be analysed and summarised, and given in a report to the Council. The results will also be published here when they are complete.

4 thoughts on “Broad Street pedestrianisation survey”

  1. Excellent! I like St Michaels Street too with all the tables snd chairs, very cosmopolitan, thumbs up from me ?

  2. It’s amazing. Such a joyous space to be. There is now somewhere safe to be with kids in the centre of town which there has never been before.

  3. Alas, although the concept was and is commendable , the end product surely falls far short of the original aspiration. Cheap looking planters, poor planting and maintenance, have provided us with a shabby looking visage which is not worthy to be called a transformation at all. If anything, this is yet another example of the City Councils propensity for wasting the local taxpayers money, in this case a reputed £125000.
    A previous commentator mentions positively what has been done in St.Michaels Street. They are right to do so; it is a pleasure to see and sit amongst. The Council could do no worse than take the short walk around the corner and see how a desired transformation can be carried out successfully.
    The only good news here is that this particular effort is, thankfully, temporary.

  4. Yes, I agree that Broad Street can become a great space for leisure and entertainment, but as it is at the moment what we have in place falls far short of what I expected to see. At the reported cost of £125000 it could have been done a whole lot better, more thought needs to go into it. For a project such as this to be a success it has to be all-inclusive, being an attraction to all ages. As well as seating and play areas more table and chairs with covers also need to be provided making it a space usable in all weather’s. Sadly, for Oxford City Council and the people it is there to serve it is a case of back to the drawing board.

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