Broad Street / Parks Road Junction

What happens without the traffic lights?

9 January 2017

The traffic lights at the four-way junction of Broad Street, Parks Road, Holywell Street and Catte Street – probably best known as “outside the King’s Arms” – have been out of action for several months. It seems that the equipment is old and obsolete. Given that the County has plans to remodel Broad Street when finances allow they have decided it’s not worth replacing or repairing the lights.

Instead they propose to do a short-term surface treatment. The design is for “a┬áraised junction table (75mm height above existing carriageway level) with ramps of 1:12 gradient between the junction table and the existing carriageway level”.

Engineers plan

They are consulting on the proposal until 3 February. These links will take you to more detailed information.


3 thoughts on “Broad Street / Parks Road Junction”

  1. I have no problem with these proposals, but something needs to be put in-place immediately to indicate that none of the roads now has any priority.
    As a cyclist I traverse this junction several times a week and the principal vehicle traffic (Parks Rd-Broad St) conflicts with any cyclist trying to access the minor arms of the cross road.
    Sadly taxi drivers are the main offenders and approach the junction at speed with no indication that they might yield to anybody halfway across.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Pete. The Civic Society’s transport group will probably want to respond to the consultation too. Just wondering – if the Editor’s got space, could we include your comment in our printed Newsletter ‘Visions’? We’re always glad for contributions and there’s a new edition due out in March.

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