21/01219/B56 DEL

257A Banbury Road Oxford OX2 7HN

4 June 2021

Change of use of offices from (Use Class E(g) to dwellinghouses (Use Class C3) to form 2 x 2 bed. This application is for determination as to whether prior approval of the Council is required and, if required, whether it should be granted. This application is assessed solely in respect of transport and highway impacts, contamination risks, flooding risks, impacts of noise from commercial premises and the provision of natural light in all habitable rooms of the proposed dwellinghouses.

We are pleased that these redundant offices are being repurposed as 2 x 2 bed dwellings. Rather than providing two extra car parking spaces for the flats, as suggested in the application, we believe that the flats should be car free. They are in the middle of the shopping parade & there is good access to bus routes. The back gardens of the two former semi-detached houses have been completely turned over to 6 car parking spaces. The space has been neglected with no attempt at planting. Instead of car parking, the flats should each be provided with amenity space. It is doubtful that the 2 loft bedrooms, bedrooms number 1, will have enough natural light. The application as it stands should be refused.