21/01177/FUL DEL

26 Plater Drive Oxford OX2 6QT

4 June 2021

Formation of 1no. rear dormer in association with loft conversion and insertion of 3no. rooflights to front elevation and 1no. rooflight to rear elevation. 

This Plater Drive dwelling was designed as a small, modest terraced house surrounded, in close proximity to other such houses. The materials chosen were good, e.g. wooden windows. This proposal suggests that a really large dormer window should be built on the back of the house, in PVC. We find that the arguments given in the D and A statement are not persuasive. It may be that other houses nearby have enlarged their attics via dormer windows etc, but this one really is out of proportion. Additionally, it has a view right into several gardens at right angles to its own, compromising the privacy which home owners have a right to value. We urge refusal.