26 Lathbury Road Oxford OX2 7AU

13 March 2021

FELL 1no. Oak Tree as specified by MWA Arboriculture Ltd as identified as T1 in the Oxford City Council – Lathbury Road (No.1) Tree Preservation Order, 2011.

Oxford Civic Society recommend refusal of this application. The City Council put a Tree Preservation Order on the Oak tree in 2011 to protect the setting of the tree in the street scene.  The application to remove the tree at that time, as part of an insurance claim, was refused and mitigation measures were carried out.  Whilst there are reports about further damage occurring at the house, nothing else has changed.  Tree removal should be refused and alternative mitigation measures carried out.  Tried and tested remedial measures are available such as regular tree mangement, a root barrier and partial stepped underpinning.